When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.

Tease and Denial

Tease and denial is a powerful form of control, one that many men love to be submitted to. A sexy, skilled woman who takes you by the hand and leads you into a situation of physical vulnerability all the while teasing you into a frenzy of expectation that you know will end in the ultimate orgasm – or will it?!


To be good at tease and denial a woman must have confidence and the ability to read male body language – although in all honesty there is one thing that makes male body language in this situation, quite simple to read. BUT having the skill to build you up to a frenzy then deny you a finale in order to build you up again and again is a special skill that not every woman has.


Mistress Mariah for lack of a better word is a master at this art, skilled hands and playful mind, a fabulous understanding of men and human bodies and sexuality. Mariah can be sensual and erotic as easily as she can be evil and torturous; in fact she has many clients who never ever look for anything but sensual tease and denial.


Then there is complete orgasm denial. Lots of tease and build up with the promise of NO release at the end. You are sent home with full bags and the wonderful memory of no weakness in front of Mistress. This is more for the serious Mistress client than the light erotic tie and tease dungeon style man.


But the main point is that almost anything is possible, after all it is YOUR fantasy Mistress Mariah is the helpful participant, although make no mistake she will be in control of the session once it begins, whatever it is, but if you give as much info as you can beforehand about what you are looking for then the session will be better for it.


Come and experience tease and denial with Mistress Mariah a world class Dominatrix in her dungeon in Wellington central cbd.