When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.

Short Sessions

If you are looking for a session that is short, sharp and intense then Mistress Mariah may have just the session for you.

6 of the best:

This can be purely about the caning or it can be in role. Mistress Mariah can be the headmistress or Nun, she can be mother or strict aunty or she can be a courts appointed punisher depending on what fantasy you have in your head. Six of the best can also lead to 12 or perhaps 18. These sessions also include a short OTK, (over the knee spanking). Again this can be in role or just purely for the sensation. These sessions are $60


Military caning:

This is slightly more intense and prolonged than a six of the best. Military caning is in lots of 24 strokes. This can be with rattan canes, Singapore punishment cane or a selection of implements. Again this can be in role or just about the adrenalin and endorphin rush afterwards – your session – your choice! These canings are $70


Unlimited strokes:

These are sessions based on time rather than a number of strokes. A 15 minute session of unlimited strokes of any impact implement in Mistress Mariah’s Wellington central cbd dungeon. Again this can be in character or just for the pure joy of the sensation and welts. These sessions are $100


Phone sessions:

These are based around a short period of time as well. A 15-minute phone sex session can be a lot of fun and also be a way to experience some of Mariah’s skill if you are remotely located or strapped for cash. Don’t forget that Mariah also has a slutty submissive bitch that takes call too. $80 for 15 minutes with either Mariah or her slut bitch.


30 minutes express sessions:

These are great for a lunch time visit or if you like short, sharp intense sessions that start as soon as you enter the building then build very quickly to an intense level of interaction – domination, fetish, fantasy role-play – any Dominatrix session that you wish to experience in Wellington can be condensed into 30 minutes – unless it is a long session you are looking for of course! Half hour sessions are $280