When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.

Forced Fem

If you are a secret sissy, slut, whore or tragic tart needing a place to relax into yourself or be forced to become that inner tramp then at The MM Club dungeon in Wellington central cbd we have just the Dominatrix for you. Mistress Mariah has a whole wardrobe full of baby dolls, lingerie, dresses, uniforms, suspender belts, stockings, heels and wigs to transform you into her bitch for an hour or two of sexual freedom and anal violation.

Do you have a name you want to be called once you are transformed or do you wish to just be called slut? Do you have a favourite scenario you wish to play out or would you like Mistress to choose one for you? Would you really love to be spit roasted by Mistress and one of her beautiful apprentices? So many possibilities here at The MM Club! In fact there are more combinations and possibilities here than at any dungeon in New Zealand.


Sometimes your mind may have wandered to that scary area of being forced to suck a real cock not just a strap on dildo. Does the thought of it frighten and exhilarate you all at once? If so you are not alone, there are many men who fantasize about sucking cock but the beauty of doing it for Mistress Mariah is that it doesn’t make you gay it just makes you obedient. In a forced bi session with Mistress all responsibility and guilt are taken away by being forced to do these things for HER pleasure.


Or do you have a sissy housemaid lurking within waiting to find the right Mistress in Wellington to train your frilly little panties off? I have maid costumes and lots of frilly panties and many chores for you to do for me. Whether you want to be punished for not cleaning properly or be rewarded for being the best sissy maid in New Zealand then Mistress Mariah will have the skill to set your inner maid free.


So why are you waiting? Call NOW and make a time to suck cock for Mistress – real and silicone available.