When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.

Couples Training

Have you been wanting to learn how to inject new life into your relationship? Have you been searching for that person who can teach you some new secrets and lots of sexy new skills? Are you and your partner both keen to try something a little different but you just don’t know where or how to start?


Mistress Mariah in her beautiful Wellington central dungeon has all the experience, skill, understanding and equipment to get you started on your road of discovery and excitement. Mariah has a special love of teaching – she enjoys nothing more than to see couples who have become ‘stuck’ move forward into a whole new area of fun and enjoyment together.


Mariah is totally non-judgmental and so your deepest darkest fantasy, whatever it is will not make her think badly of you. It is no doubt something she has worked with before or a variation on a theme. Your secret is also safe with Mariah as what happens in the dungeon, stays in the dungeon.


You will also never be seen by anyone other than Mariah when you visit her at her MM Club dungeon in Wellington central.


And remember that this is not Master chef, there are no failures, just people who learn lots of new and fun things to do with their partner and then take that knowledge home to play with.


Couples training sessions with Mistress Mariah are all about experimentation and mutual pleasure. As well as learning about communication and use of equipment, you will learn how to use everyday items that you already have in your home so you don’t end up having to build a dungeon in your bedroom away from the kids. You will learn how to read each other whilst in the midst of ecstasy or submission and safety and hygiene are also right up there on top of the list.


Allow yourselves some freedom to experience something new, come and see Mistress Mariah for a couples training session. These are the only couples training sessions available in New Zealand.