When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.

Corporal Punishment

Canes, tawse, straps, and even more evil implements of punishment are all in Mistress Mariah’s Wellington central dungeon. And she knows how to use all of them. If you are in need of a good hard caning or session of corporal punishment then Mistress Mariah is an expertly skilled corporal Mistress.


Whether it is a simple 6 of the best or a military caning or a session of constant strokes with an unstipulated number then Mariah is most capable and equipped. If you want that short session to be in character – maybe headmistress, or strict Aunty or Mother or maybe court appointed punisher then Mariah is the perfect role-player to do it. Mariah even has a nun costume if you really feel the need to be punished by Gods appointee.


But some of you are looking for a longer session involving corporal punishment, maybe a session with cbt, nipple torture, bondage and corporal? Or for those sissy maids out there that like to be punished for their stupidity and lack of cleaning ability a good caning is just the answer. Mistress Mariah will leave some serious stripes on your useless sissy arse to remind you of your inadequacies.


The fantasy you have around corporal punishment is most surely something that Mariah will welcome and play her part like an Oscar winner. But if it is just a session of hard impact play then that is fine too. If you wish to experience many different types of canes then Mariah has rattan canes, school canes, whangee canes, Singapore punishment cane, birch canes, multi canes and many different tawse and straps.


Some people come for a caning to experience the endorphin rush afterwards. In Russia and Germany caning is used as a form of therapy for depression, as the feeling of well being after a good caning is almost overwhelming for some people.


Although corporal punishment is not everyone’s cup of tea, if you have always had a fascination with it then The MM Club in Wellington central is the best dungeon in New Zealand to be able to experience it.