When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.

Age Play

What is age play? Think about the age you wish to become for the purposes of the fantasy session and the age of the person you wish to engage with and if there is a vast difference between these ages then there is a chance it is age play. Or indeed if you just wish to be a very different age to the one you are now then it is probably age play.


Mother/son, Aunty/nephew, nanny/big baby or any combination of these. Age play is an area that a lot of Dominatrix shy away from because they don’t understand it or because they judge it. Mistress Mariah has a natural ability with age-play and she also has some assistants that provide areas of age-play that she is not logistically equipped for.


If you have a fantasy that you are unable to even tell the most experienced Dominatrix about then there is a chance it is an age play fantasy. We all have fantasies and we all deserve the right to be able to live them out with another consenting adult, I am sure we will have a consenting adult here at The MM Club in Wellington cbd.


Just relax, take a deep breath and call Mistress Mariah. She is not going to judge you, or hang up on you! We all have fantasies and they are often things that others look strangely at. This is what Mistress Mariah specializes in so she won’t judge you for it.


Sometimes age play is the only thing that will allow you to totally unwind and escape the stress of everyday life. If it is a fantasy you have been holding deep inside for fear of judgment, then come along and see Mariah in her Wellington central cbd nursery or Dungeon or domestic setting and allow yourself to escape into a world where nothing else matters apart from you and the fantasy age-play partner you have chosen.


Mariah has assistants who work as babysitters, step sisters, younger nannies, and other players in the world of age-play so don’t be afraid to ask. The MM Club is the only place in New Zealand that provides such a comprehensive list of age-play services.