When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.


Are you searching for something new and exciting? Are you after an experience that will make your flesh tingle and your senses scream? Are you looking for a Dominatrix in Wellington central who will understand your innermost fantasy without judging you? Perhaps you feel as though you have slipped into a sexual coma and need to be awoken…. Or that deep within you is a slutty female dying to get out!! If you have been looking for a Mistress in Wellington central with a dungeon, fantasy rooms, assistants, equipment and the imagination to bring your fantasy to life then Mariah is just the one.


Whatever your deep dark fantasy is, it is safe with Mistress Mariah. She will take it, love it, nurture it and make it into the best experience you have had in the hands of a Wellington Dominatrix. Nothing you tell her will make her think you are strange, just be brave and open up and see what magic can happen.

Got some anaglyph (red + cyan) glasses? See more of MM in 3D.

Or does the thought of visiting a Dominatrix fill you with dread? Maybe you visited one years ago and it was more about her ego than your desires! Heaven forbid that you chose really badly and ended up being injured or marked and had to hide from scrutiny for a while. So you pushed your desires aside and got on with your life.


But now your desires have re-emerged and you need to find a safe haven for them. Look no further – with Mistress Mariah your secret is safe and so is your health.


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“Mistress Mariah wins acclaim for the most superb and unique premises in New Zealand!!”

If you need reassurance have a look at what others have said on the testimonials page and if you still aren’t sure call and have a chat with Mariah. The worst that can happen is that it ends up that Mariah is not the best Dominatrix for the job, but with the amazing line up of sexy Mistresses at Mariah’s MM Club she will be able to find the perfect woman for the job.


Tell me what it is that makes your knees go weak and let’s make it happen!