When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.


Age play:
Taken from adult to baby or perhaps stop at small child. Dressed in pink? Regressing back through your school years, put into nappies and turned into my helpless little baby, perhaps wrapped in PVC or put into my latex body bag. Many combinations are possible just ask Nanny.

Anal stretching:
Pushing your limits in the anal play area, using ever increasing sizes of dildo to stretch your arse to Mariah’s satisfaction.

Anal violation:
Do you desire the feeling of being owned by a Dominant woman? The ultimate Domination of being taken anally? A rape fantasy that belongs to you.

Aunty fantasies:
You have always been her favourite nephew/niece and after all someone has to teach you about the birds and the bees….

Being ignored:
Have you fantasized about serving a Dominant woman while she totally ignores you? You clean her shoes while she reads a magazine? You give her a foot massage and she doesn’t even speak to you. Then she beats you, tortures you or anally violates you for just being there. This is a true slave fantasy.

When you meet a Dominant that really spins your wheels, you may like the thought of being ‘marked or branded’ by her. Or you may just enjoy the feeling of being bitten. No skin will be broken but you will leave with an imprint of ownership that you can revisit in your mirror for many ‘private’ sessions after your visit.

Building trust:
This is a most important part of a session. It makes the difference between an ‘OK’ session and a ‘Fantastic, mind blowing, fantasy fulfillment experience’. Give me a call and decide for yourself whether you are comfortable placing yourself in my hands or allowing me to build a session for you. 027 251 7511

CBT: (Cock and ball torture)
Are you looking for pain without marks? Or perhaps you just want a Dominatrix who has the imagination and repertoire to come up with new, nasty and painful tortures constantly. There are so many ways of torturing the family jewels, but then if you enjoy it, is it really torture?

Confession Phone Calls:
Phone Mariah and tell her your deepest, darkest desires or stories from your past. Up to 15 minutes of pure confessing bliss for only $90. Make your first confession NOW.

Corporal punishment:
This can be six of the best or a prison warden fantasy. Do you have a long held fantasy about being punished for a crime that you have fantasized about committing? Tell Mistress Mariah what it is and she will ensure that you are severely punished for it. You must be able to endure the wrath of her canes and tawses to book one of these sessions.

Riding crops. They have a certain sound and sting in their tail, and lend a certain tone to a session. Great for punishment or they can be used for lighter more erotic work as well, and they are great in a torture session as an implement of torment.

Dildo worship and training:
Learning to understand the power of the dildo/strap on.

Double Mistress:
Two of us for sensory overload, or just a whole bunch of fun?? I have many of the most elite and beautiful assistants to call on.

Cunning machines for which I have many ingenious attachments to provide levels of erotic stimulation or electro torture.

(See E-Stim above)

Erotic bondage:
Bondage doesn’t have to be about pain or deprivation. Imagine the feeling of beautiful soft leather hand and ankle cuffs as they are gently buckled up and then attached to a comfortable bondage bed where you are lying. The placing of a soft leather blindfold so your sense of touch is heightened and your sense of enjoyment expanded beyond belief… and that is just the beginning.
Express Milking:
A session that starts in your head and is finished off in a flurry of intense role-play or Domination once you arrive at my premises. Not everyone needs an hour session, so an Express Milking is aimed at those of you who are limited in time or endurance… or heaven forbid funds!

Face slapping:
When you least expect it and for no particular reason you receive a hand across your face. It reminds you just who is in charge!

Fantasy phone call:
Tell me what your fantasy is and let’s live it out on the phone. No matter how depraved you may think it is I bet I can cater for it… on the phone you don’t even need to worry about condoms. 15 minutes $90
Fantasy session:
Whatever it is, ask Me about it!! Seduced by your school teacher or Nun! Beaten by the sister of your abuse victim! Prison warden fantasy! Over the knee spanking from your mother or aunty…. Or…..????

An interest in or obsession with a body part, fabric, visual sensation or activity. If you have a fetish you will know what it is! Call me and ask if we cater for it. 027 251 7511

A fancy name for a good flogging.

Using whips of all descriptions, leather, suede, rubber, short, long, soft, harsh…. Being whipped all over your body. Tied up and flogged, kind of like the pirate days. This will leave marks on your body for a few days but is not as severe as caning or Tawsing.

Forced Bi:
In the considered opinion of Mistress Mariah, sucking another mans cock for her does not make you gay, it makes you obedient!
For those of you who have desires lurking that you feel may harm your present living situation or life as you know it. You dream about being with another man, fantasize about giving oral to men. I can help by forcing you into a situation where you experience this and have no guilt because you had to do it!! You can be masked, hooded or totally visible. The choice is yours, the guilt is mine! Protection guaranteed.

Forced Feminisation:
Do you wish to be forcibly dressed in woman’s lingerie, with or without a wig, make-up and heels and turned into Mistress Mariah’s bitch? Then made to pose and act like the cheap transvestite slut you have become? Have your arse slapped by those manicured hands as she finishes you off with anal violation? The rape fantasy you have always had but were too afraid to tell anyone about…. Tell Mistress Mariah and it will become a reality!

With a ball gag, a rubber ‘bit’ or perhaps your own underpants in your mouth to keep you quiet or to give you something to bite down on when something painful is happening…. Perhaps something like anal stretching!!

Glass dildos:
These can be heated or cooled before inserting for extra sensation. The good quality ones are shatterproof and Mariah has a selection of these.

Good vibrations:
A session of pure vibration. Can be included in sensation play, blindfolded and brought to dizzying heights of pleasure with all manner of mechanical objects. Tied to a bondage bed and made to endure torturous levels of sensation.

Hair pulling:
You know the feeling! A hand glides into your hair as your mouth is being forced onto a dildo. Your head is pulled by your hair in and out, “Suck this Bitch”! Then later as you are pushed onto the kneeling rack with your arse exposed she leans over you and again her hand is in your hair pulling as she forces her dildo up your arse to make you hers.

Hair brushing:
Like spanking but with a hairbrush. A good old-fashioned wooden hairbrush on your butt cheeks while you are across Mistress Mariah’s knee. Perhaps the hairbrush will be used as part of the spanking routine she uses on you when you are tied to the bed, up against the cross or over a rack.

Because you like the smell, feel or sensation of latex or leather around your head, or because you are so unappealing your Mistress doesn’t want to see your face, or perhaps she wants to heighten your fear or sensation by depriving you of some of your senses.

Housework training:
Do you visualize yourself as the housemaid of a Dominant woman in her beautiful home? Feather duster in one hand, oiling cloth in the other, being watched for mistakes and reasons to be punished. Do you want to be trained in case you meet your dream Dominant and she wants you to be her 24/7 housemaid?

If you weren’t so pathetic you wouldn’t be here!

The opposite of hot wax, great when used in conjunction with each other.

Impact Play:
Sessions involving caning, Tawsing and more serious forms of discipline. Often followed by lighter sensation play.

Do you have trouble getting hard or staying hard? I have ways around this…. Call NOW.

Do you wish to be dressed in nappies, plastic pants and a big pink dress, made to suck a dummy while being cuddled and berated? There are variations to this theme, tell Mummy Mariah yours and lets live it out together.

Do you just love it? I have items to put on you, hoods, jock straps or a full latex body bag. If you like the feel, smell and sensory deprivation that latex can provide then I can cater for you.

Military caning:
For those who want a lot more than a ‘six of the best’ but don’t want a whole session.

Mother fantasies:
Way more popular than any of you probably realise. Whether it is a seductive mother or perhaps one who is berating and beating you for some misdemeanor or a nurturing and perhaps ‘too caring’ mother teaching you the facts of life.

Total enclosure in bondage wrap or cling film for sensory deprivation and possible heightened awareness of proceeding torture or pleasure.

Nappy wetting:
‘Mummy’ went to all that trouble of putting nice dry nappies on you and now you have wet them. “Get across my knee so I can pull down your plastic pants and spank your bottom”

Nipple Torture:
There are so many ways I can torture these….And I enjoy all of them.

Nun fantasy:
I have the costume, the crucifixes and the catholic upbringing to provide your school boy fantasy…. And all while God and the Pope are watching.

Over the knee spanking can be performed with a hand, a paddle or a hairbrush. You across Mariah’s knee being punished and when your cheeks are pink and warm you are sent on your way. Or perhaps it forms part of a larger scenario.

Orgasm Control:
Built up and let down, brought to the brink of orgasm and then allowed to slip back before being built up again and eventually allowed to come, but only when Mistress wants it to happen.

Orgasm denial:
Being teased and brought to the point of orgasm but not allowed to blow your load.

Pain FREE Domination:
Do you like the thought of being Dominated without being caused pain? There are so many ways of this happening. Phone me now 027 251 7511

They are a particular taste and for many different reasons. If you like them for whatever reason, tell me what it is…….

Penis pump:
A specially designed vacuum pump with attachments that will get you harder, bigger and make you more sensitive. Ideal for penis torture or for impotency.

Puppy Training:
Sit! Bad Dog!!

A particular like for all things PVC.

Tied up either by rope to a bondage bed, or in leather wrist and ankle cuffs to a St Andrews cross, bondage wall, kneeling rack or bed. Leather hog tied and left face down on the floor? Having your physical movement restricted by your Mistress for her pleasure.

You have a fantasy or scenario that requires someone who can get into the spirit of it, take the lead and make you feel as though it is a real situation? Perhaps someone who has had submissive fantasies of her own and has fully explored them so she can understand where you are coming from? You need Mariah! 027 251 7511

School Governess:
You have done something wrong either as a schoolboy or a teacher and deserve some physical punishment. Perhaps this is followed up with some sex education activity!

Sensation Play:
Can be soft and erotic or torturous and cruel. Many ways for both of these to happen after your senses are deprived. Tell me which type you prefer and I will get my imagination going.

Sensory Deprivation:
Most of us have at least five, but if one is deprived the others become more acute…. Imagine!!!

Sensual massage:
Mistress Mariah offers a massage with a difference, I like to call it Fant-assage Get onto my large massage table and my trained hands will seek out your sensitive areas and exploit them. I might tie you to the table or perform a spoken fantasy while I tease and de-stress you. It depends how I feel!!! $300 for one hour

Silent torture:
Do you hate being with someone who ties you up and tortures you but has to speak to you the whole way through it? Would you rather they just tortured you in silence? Just ask!!

The art of being turned into a sissy for Mistress Mariah’s pleasure. Cross dressed into a frilly pink dress or woman’s lingerie and made to run about with a feather duster, fetching and serving. Curtseying for your Mistress, not looking her in the eye, showing her how proud you can make her of your skills…. But you know she will never show it.

Sissy Training:
As above with anal violation thrown in for Mariah’s pleasure.

Six, eight, ten or twelve of the best:
Do you wish to have the adrenalin rush of a quick, sharp caning by a sexy woman without having to have a whole session? Then one of these (commonly called a six of the best, but can be eight, ten or twelve) is available for only $60.

We all know this one, light playful whacks with a paddle for a naughty boy or girl. Spanking can also be done with a hand or a hairbrush. Leaves pink or reddened cheeks but usually these are back to normal within a day or so.

Strap-on training:
Mistress Mariah has one of the largest ranges of vibrators, butt plugs and dildos in the BDSM community!!! If you wish to be trained anally or orally then this is the way to find your best size. Or perhaps push your limits and be stretched to take the next largest one.

There is so much talk about this in the BDSM world but how many of you know what it really is? It is that place that you get taken to by a caring, and skilled Dominant when you are experiencing things that bring you levels of enjoyment or pain you never thought possible. It is only achievable when you feel you are in the hands of someone who cares as much about your mental and physical wellbeing as you do! Mistress Mariah will take you there! Call now… 027 251 7511

Tied up and tickled!!! Simple, or is it????

Tie and Tease:
Tied up and teased, tantalized until you are ready to explode.

Total Novice Sessions:
You don’t have to be an expert to have a session. Book a session and let’s have fun and explore.

Trust building:
This is a most important part of a session. It makes the difference between an ‘OK’ session and a ‘Fantastic, mind blowing, fantasy fulfillment experience’. Give me a call and decide for yourself whether you are comfortable placing yourself in my hands or allowing me to build a session for you. 027 251 7511

Vibrator training:
Like anal training but if your Mistress really likes you and decides that you deserve a good time she will use a vibrator up your arse to make you enjoy yourself. I also have a huge and interesting supply of other vibrating gadgets for your enjoyment. After all it doesn’t all have to be about pain does it?