When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.



MISTRESS MARIAH. Keep showing up the rest! Such a pleasure to meet a level headed, organised businesswoman.

Dearest, Most Transcendent Mistress!

This is a short note to repeat my absolute appreciation of our session on Monday. It was totally wonderful, You took me
to places i have not been in a very long time, and i am still quivering inside when i remember it.
You gave my nipples such a great workout, they are still aching to be touched and bitten by You, as is the rest of me. You
truly have a rare gift to reach deep inside Your sissy’s mind and heart, and to connect with those very dark and deep desires.
Thank You for sharing that gift.
Your obedient slave

…..your ability to use different rooms for different parts of a scenario is so valuable and adds to the excitement of the experience. The things that Ms Minx does with and too me are so imaginative, commanding and erotic!!! I admit I am spoiled now by the level of service I get at her hands but in my travels internationally I do visit other Dommes hoping for something close to Ms Minx special attention but so far I haven’t found it.
In my growing experience it is rare to find anywhere that displays the level of imagination, passion and skillful art of fetish and fantasy that The MM Club brings alive every time I visit. I just had to write and tell you how much I appreciate Ms Minx and the amazing sessions you all consistently provide – my god I can’t wait to see her again!!!
Humble Thanks
Most Magnificent Mistress!
That was a wonderful experience this afternoon – i only wish we could have gone on for a couple of more hours taking charlotte’s training and submission further. my mind was begging for more pain and humiliation at Your beautiful hands.
Once again, i am grateful for the care You took over Your clothes and in playing out the scenario in character – everything was wonderful.

I just want to start off by once again thanking you for the wonderful consultation you gave us. We came out of there feeling so optimistic, in some ways our view of the world had become more positive, as my partner and I have been feeling a bit burdened by the judgementalism of people of late.
We really felt that it was a great place: a warm soothing atmosphere (when it was supposed to be!) and so completely fitting to its purposes that my partner and I felt it actually validated our fetishes just by seeing them so accurately captured.
And you were amazing as well. We felt so comfortable to speak and share with you. My partner especially, who is hardly ever as candid as that, or as I! I do not exaggerate when I say I have mainly held her exclusive trust as long as I’ve known her (as long as she’s lived, she tells me) so the fact that she was willing to open up to you, and do intimate things in your presence is so inspiring to me.
I sense a great change in her, and in us, merely by our being given permission. You made us feel like there is nothing wrong with us. More accurately, you adequately explained why there really isn’t anything wrong with us. That is a great gift. THANK YOU!
J & K

This next testimonial was placed on a forum site but the link was sent to me by a regular client as something I may be interested to put on here. It is in response to comments about my maidens site www.funhouse.co.nz

Absolutely right – she has a great range (GFE through to kink) and is a really nice person (unless you don’t want her to be!).

Mariah (is she also known as Mary?) is a really deep thinker and is really open and non-judgmental. She is great to talk to about fantasy scenarios because she has seen most things and tries to understand how individual men (in particular) tick and therefore what they might need in any given scenario.

You’re right about Mary. It was refreshing to talk to someone with all the factors I consider very important:

Really gives a damn about her “girls”

Can read the clientèle well & gives an honest response but will stand her ground

As mentioned there’s not much she hasn’t seen (something I can relate to as I’ve tasted most things as part of learning what does & doesn’t work for me)

From other feedback she discriminates against nobody

The safety & happiness of all parties is paramount.

I originally came across Monique’s ad but she was away, I nearly cancelled but Mary asked the right questions told me what I wanted to hear & I had a ball with Minx (think she enjoyed herself as well)


Having never done this before, you made me feel so comfortable. You are the Mistress I desire… You have me hooked, but I think you already knew that!

For many years, too many years, I have suppressed my desire to explore my feminine side. After coming across Mistress Mariah’s website which I was very impressed with, I decided to make “the” call to her. To my great relief and pleasure she was very helpful and understanding on the phone, which resulted in my first visit.
I was welcomed warmly and my anxiety soon disappeared, and I soon realised I was “home”! I left there walking on air after a memorable experience. I have just made my second visit, which confirmed to me that it wasnt just the thrill of a first visit, that it was becoming a permanent part of my life and will continue to be so.
I am so grateful to Mistress, she is an exceptional woman, and I would tell anyone that has unfulfilled fantasies, to contact her, as once you have, there will be only one place you need to go, her place.

Having been to see many Dominatrix in the States and here in Auckland and in Wellington I have to say that the level and depth of your communication both by email and text is in my experience ‘unheard of’. I have always thought that to be a truly great Dominatrix you have to be a truly great person and in my opinion you fit this description!!

…the web sight looks great !!!!!!!!! and the new premises look like an absolute haven of sublime punishment and heavenly torture. beautiful, lush and divine. what a woman you are !!!! successful, brilliant, talented, kind and just fuckin FANTASTIC.

Mistress Mariah thank you very much for today’s session. It was perfect.
Not only was it a great interepretation of my fantasy, but it pushed
my limits.
I’ll definitely be coming back for more.

I wanted to write something eloquent and worthy of your beauty and ability but I am lost for words. You blow me away, I am counting the days until my next trip to you.

I wish I lived in New Zealand so I could come and see you all the time. I will work on getting more cotracts here just to be able to serve you My Mistress Mariah.
foot slut

Mistress Mariah, you are the most exquisite female I have ever had the pleasure of being with. Thank you so much for my session I am in awe.
Your new slave

Thank you once again Mistress for an electrifying session, my nipples are still tingling and my body feels like jelly. You are the hottest!!

Thank you for the caning this afternoon. You put me at ease with the first stroke and then I really could enjoy the rest. Most professional.
I will see you again soon.

Madam.Been out of country unable to report. Am back to Wellington in 3-4 weeks and keen to arrange another Judicial caning if you willing.Thank you for your time Madam and thank you for the 48 strokes last time you are an expert with the cane and to my surprise i still had some ridged welts after 3 weeks! truly a rare event these days.as you know the harder its given the more i love it and i look forward to reporting to you shortly.
“offender 3876”

As you know I have tried others in the past and none of them have come anywhere near your level of perfection. You listen and then you provide the ultimate escape. I love you Mummy!!!
Baby R….xxx

So nice to see you after all this time. It was so special because it was you and you are so very different to all the rest of them!!!

You asked me to put it into words. As you said after our session, initially you didn’t think we were going to gel… I was soooo nervous. You were amazing…. In that last half hour after you calmed me I was besotted and so amazed at your sexuality……. I can’t wait to see you again.

After thinking you were in Auckland and then realising I had to travel to Wellington I thought I may have over done my anticipation….but I was not disappointed. Thank you for your attention to detail and my severe punishment…. I deserved it.

I told you I don’t like pain and you listened….. I had fun.. I hope you enjoyed it too.

When I saw your ad in the paper and phoned you sounded friendly. I was a bit scared but now I am coming back…. you are awesome…. Thanks

When I arrived your eyes captured me. You made me undress so slowly. I felt exposed and vulnerable, you violated my soul. You are My Mistress

“As a young man I was introduced to discipline by a woman,by my middle aged landlady.My landlady was of Scottish extraction and had been brought up in a household where discipline with that quintessential Scottish instrument the tawse had been strict.My landlady had obviously learnt the skill of tawsing well as I experienced painfully on a regular basis during the 18 months I boarded with her. As a teacher by profession she also had access to the school canes used on males in NZ schools up to the 1980’s.
Over the last 10 years I have visited a number of mistresses seeking to relive those earlier experiences.
In Mistress Mariah I have found the perfect woman to re-experience having my bare backside soundly tawsed and caned by a woman.
It pays to be open,honest and frank with Mistress Mariah as the more she understands what it is you are seeking,the better able she is to provide the experience you are looking for.By detailing to Mistress Mariah what it is I want she has been able to recreate those early experiences expertly.
Just like my old landlady she is a skillful and precise tawser who tests my resolve each and every time I visit her. An intergral part of each visit is setting the scene by exchanging e-mails in advance so by the time the appointed hour arrives and you are ringing her door bell you are extremely apprehensive of what is about to take place once the door is opened,you have entered and the door clicks shut behind you.”
“If there are any housewives out there reading this and you want to learn how to discipline your man you could do no better than consult Mistress Mariah.”

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since I saw you last time Mistress. After my first visit I was as a ‘moth drawn to a flame’ now, after three visits I am TOTALLY besotted. Your look, your scent, your voice and your TOUCH make me unable to concentrate on anything else. I am yours………

Never before have I been in the hands of one so radiant who can be so gentle and so cruel all in one session….. Sensational!!

As I told you the other day Mistress, I have been to many professional Dominatrixes over the past 15 years, some good, some not so good and some were a total waste of time and money. I just had to write and express my heartfelt thanks to you for my session yesterday; I have been thinking back over my time with you and am amazed at how well you listened to what I had requested. The fact that you were able to perform so many torturous acts without leaving any marks is much appreciated by me.
I will be back soon.

Mistress Mariah you have turned my world upside down, you are a Goddess and it is an honour to be truly owned by you.
Slave G

I have been looking for a true submissive for so long. I used to see one in the UK but there seemed to be none in New Zealand, until I found Miss S.B. What a little slut she is!! I flogged her back and butt while she was tied down and Mistress Mariah pulled her hair and squeezed her nipples and made her thank me for every stroke. Then she sucked my cock like a hungry bitch and when I came on her chest she looked at me with her enormous brown eyes and said “Thank You Master”….. what a rush!!!! Thank You Mistress Mariah for finding such a piece of submissive Gold.
Master X

I have just had a session with you Mistress Mariah and cannot believe that I had not found you before. You are a Goddess and I want to worship only at your altar. When I asked for nipple torture, spanking and general submission I was only hoping that you may get somewhere near to what I had been fantasising. You are incredible, your skill with nipples is unrivalled and your ability to know exactly when to stop is remarkable. When you speak your every word needs to be cherished and your voice is like pure honey……. Thank you MY MISTRESS

Wishing you a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.
Thank you for the times we have shared in 2007. I look forward to further experiences in 2008.
Having visited a number of Mistresses over the years, none have ever come close to recreating my first experiences of being disciplined by a woman, except for you. So thank you. Your skill in applying the tawse is second to none. I look forward to sometime in the future being bent over a headmistress desk and suffering the consequences, including being made to wear a schoolgirls uniform and feeling the sting of the tawse as it mercilessly strikes my bare butt.
Whilst it may sound ironic, I enjoy being disciplined by you. I feel totally safe under your control which has enabled me to extend my pain threshold as I know as soon as I use the safe word you would stop. I can also think of no-one other than you who I would have felt comfortable with in commencing anal training. Your patience and gentleness in this is much appreciated. I have been to other Dominatrices that I have found to be simply brutal and hard. You on the other hand are all class and compassion, but at the same time strict, which in my mind is psychologically more intimidating.

I just had to write to say thank you Mistress Mariah. As you know it was my first time with a professional Dominatrix and the only time I have ever been flogged. You took me to a place I have never been before, I was floating on air for days afterwards.

Mistress Mariah is simply the best in her field. She is very professional and extremely good at assisting me to explore my most secret desires. Mistress Mariah is very open minded and encourages me to go places I’ve never been before by talking to me about my fantasies and then designing sessions that meet my needs. While Mistress is strict, firm and direct, she is also very caring, kind and understanding. Mistress has an amazing array of costumes, toys and props that she uses in ways that would drive anyone to heights of indescribable pleasure. Mistress is very particular about who works with/for her and Ms Minx is a stunning example of the high class standards Mistress sets and expects. Mistress Mariah plays a significant part in my life and I enjoy every moment that she is controlling, dominating and looking after me. My next visit cannot come soon enough!

Mistress you are hot! I think about you many times every day since I met you. You are my new addiction.
Your adoring Sissy

I was always too scared to visit a Mistress, but you were so nice on the phone when I rung I decided to take a chance and glad I did. I am still amazed how you changed from that nice woman into the ‘other one’ so quickly and completely. I am still sore from my second visit.

I just had to write and say how grateful I am to you Mistress. When I got to your place I was very nervous, but when I saw you my nerves went away and my heart raced then melted. I want to visit you again when I am in Wellington next. I hope this isn’t too presumptuous.

When you told me I could write about my experiences with you and you would put them on your website I got straight on to my computer to write how you make me feel. My job is one of high stress and I don’t have a girlfriend so I find myself thinking about sex a lot. But I have fantasies that made me feel like I am ill. I have been denying these desires all my life because I thought that wanting to be dressed in women’s underwear and have a strap on inserted in my arse was wrong. Thank you for your understanding Mistress, I don’t know if my desires are as common as you say, but I feel better about having them anyway.
‘Slut Bitch’

Mistress, forgive me! I was skeptical when I saw your website as I have heard Dominatrix describe themselves as ‘classy’ before and they were very much less than. But you are undoubtedly the Queen. I will be back to see you whenever I am in Wellington if you will have me. I am so excited about your new dungeon and all the amazing equipment you described…. I am working on another trip to Wellington now, and hope to see you again before Christmas or early in the New Year.

Mistress Mariah owns me! I am yours to do with whatever you wish Mistress. Please………
I am so glad I found you, you are everything I imagined and more. I can’t believe how fast our time went, I was in heaven. I will be back.

I love the way you marked me Mistress, and your humiliation skills are exceptional. More please.

My fantasy about giving oral sex to another man had been bugging me for years… I always thought I was a freak for wanting this? Thanks to you Mistress Mariah I have done it with no guilt and I would actually like to do it again. Next time I would like to try without wearing a mask.

Lastly, thanks for all you do…this process is infinitely more
pleasurable with discrete and professional people in charge,