When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.


We all have things we enjoy doing, and if we like doing something then we will do it well. Mistress Mariah is no exception to this and has areas of specialty that she just loves to cater to in her central Wellington cbd dungeon and fantasy We rooms. The following is just a taste of the kinds of sessions Mistress Mariah loves to provide, and wherever necessary enlisting the help of another Dominatrix at The MM Club dungeon in Wellington.


Erotic bondage:

Erotic bondage is a great way of introducing someone to the wonders of the dungeon and sexual excitement without having sex. Using light bondage and possibly blindfolds to heighten your senses while I work my magic hands all over your body possibly employing a few other pieces of dungeon equipment to help build the excitement, leading to a well earned orgasmic finale.


Corporal punishment:

Corporal punishment to me is like paying squash and I love playing squash. Caning a ready arse is easy with a steady hand and an accurate swing helped by good hand-eye coordination, which I have. Being a naturally strong woman makes the cane strokes that much more exhilarating as well. Lining up those red stripes for you to take home as souvenirs of your visit to your Wellington Mistress.



Role-play is something I adore getting my teeth into. I am adept at making any role-play seem natural and very real. Whether it is a scene set in the future when the State run everything and you could be punished harshly for having an overdue parking ticket or you are a (cross dressed) damsel in distress who has been captured and is awaiting James Bond to come and free you through to you have just returned home from boarding school and need some special time with Mummy and everything in-between. Mistress Mariah without doubt is the Queen of role-play in the Dominatrix world in New Zealand.


Phone sex:

Phone sex sessions are something I also excel at, creating a scene on the phone and the session can involve anything! No need even for condoms, you can throw your biggest, deepest, darkest secret at me and we can live it out on the phone together. Phone sex sessions can be done from anywhere in New Zealand.


Forced feminisation:

Forced fem with its combination of transformation and drama leading to your ultimate rape fantasy. Watching you suck cock for Mistress like a hungry bitch is always a pleasure. Seeing you gag like a hungry whore and maybe being spit roasted by two Dominatrix at our Wellington dungeon.


These are just a few of my favourite things, the rest are on my glossary. Always know that if I provide a session it will be something that I enjoy doing otherwise I won’t offer that service. If you are looking for a Dominatrix in Wellington central that is true to herself about what she enjoys doing then Mistress Mariah should be top of your watch list!