When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.



Who I am NOT


To find out if I am the right Wellington central Dominatrix for you it is as important to know what and who I am NOT as it is to understand who I AM! I am extremely honest and very good at what I do. If you request a session that I don’t believe I am capable of I will tell you so, if we have someone available that I believe is capable then I will recommend you to see them.


If you wish to see what services I provide check my glossary, if it is in there then I provide it. Although don’t be afraid to ask if there is something you don’t see, I will have no problem telling you if I don’t provide it.

Who I am not!

I am a sexy, mature, open minded woman with skills rarely found in just one person. I do what I do because I enjoy it greatly; it is an interesting and fun way to make a living. I find it pleasurable and stimulating to be able to step into character just as much as I find it beneficial and important to be able to step out after a session finishes.


In short I am a professional Dominatrix who commands top dollar for her services for a reason. I am not looking for live in slaves, part time wardrobe sluts and full time pets. I do not want to swap handyman services for time in my presence. My conditions are clean cut, you pay, I provide. If my prices are too high for you then I have other Mistresses that work with me who charge slightly less, see one of them.


I have very strict boundaries that are not negotiable. I always respect your boundaries and the same is expected from you. If you have a session in mind that you feel I am the right Mistress for but you want me to do something I am not comfortable with, then it is you who will have to compromise, not me!


If you wish to spend time with a sexy, mature woman who can become the ‘other’ participant in your fantasy for an hour or more then by all means contact me. If you are looking for someone who does this purely to boost their own ego or fill in lonely hours then go to a lifestyle dating site.


If your idea of a ‘real deal’ Dominatrix is one who lives this life 24/7 then don’t call me! I am a professional erotic fantasy specialist with an exceptional ability to get inside your head and understand your fantasy and then be the woman needed to help you live it out. I do this for amounts of time that we negotiate beforehand and I switch off from that session after you leave, this is how I stay sane and fresh for the next session.


I am not into extreme forms of BDSM like ball busting, waterboarding, scat, vomit, blood sports or hanging. There are people who provide these and I am sure that at least some of them have thought through the safety and health issues associated with such risky procedures.